Food Travel

by Sarah

Food and travel are the perfect combination. Not only do you get to try the most delicious new combinations of flavours and ingredients, but understanding food is the key to understanding a culture.

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Food Tours and Cooking Schools

When we travel to a new city, we try to find out what and where the locals eat. There are many ways to do this but food tours and cooking schools are two of our favourites! Cooking schools often include visits to local markets, where the guide will introduce you to local ingredients including fruits, vegetables and foods. Markets often serve up variations of cooked foods to hungry locals, meaning you can scope out some of the cheapest and tastiest eats in whichever place you happen to be visiting.

Cooking schools are a fantastic way to learn some new skills and recipes that you can take home with you. Cooking authentic dishes from world cuisines is a wonderful way to share some of your travel experiences with your friends and family. Get inspired by some of our articles and posts about Food Tours and Cooking Schools from the links below.

Food Festivals

Perhaps more difficult to find than food tours and cooking schools, but food festivals are another wonderful way to explore local food culture and traditions! Plus, you can often get samples and freebies so they are a great way to have some tastes. So far, we have found that food festivals tend not to be so popular in Asia (at least just yet!) but whenever we find out about any kind of foodie speciality event, we make sure we can get ourselves there! From street food festivals to rural village events, see our collection of posts on food festivals below.


Despite that we are now full-time travellers, we still desperately miss having our own kitchen and love to cook whenever we get the opportunity! We also still love to share local recipes that we have picked up from our travels, whether it is from a cooking school or a tip from a local, or just through our own searching and tweaking of ingredients. Use the links below to search through our recipe library.