Culture Travel

by Sarah

Culture travel can take in so many forms. Encompassing art, architecture, history, music, museums, intellectual achievements and so much more. To get the best opportunities to experience culture in all its forms, one must travel.

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Cities are hubs of human civilization and therefore, of culture. Whether you are looking for the most outstanding architecture, historical museums or just to rub shoulders with locals – lose yourself in a city to quench your thirst for culture.

Festivals and Events

Festivals and events can be rooted in religious history or simply in the time-trodden traditions of local people. Experiencing a local festival can give you a deeper insight into local culture – seeing how people celebrate reveals a lot more about the collective personality of a country, than when they are just going about their daily business. If you get the chance to participate in a local celebration, make sure you take it! To get inspired, see below for our posts on festivals and events.