Adventure Travel

by Sarah

Travelling can be an adventure by itself! However this page is here to show you all the ways that you can really get the most out of adventure opportunities when travelling. From the great outdoors, to the animal kingdom to extreme sports, we have some of the best adventure travel based content to share with you.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

To experience very the best adventures, you usually have to go outside and get moving! From water sports to hikes to zip lining and so much more, this section shows you all our best posts about Sports and Outdoor Activities.


Getting out into nature offers up some of the best adventure opportunities. Seeing animals in their own habitats and experiencing stunning landscapes allows you to feel how big the world really is. This section shows you all our best content covering our animal and nature adventures.


Of course, some of the best adventures are the journeys themselves! Epic train rides, leisurely cruises and intrepid hikes all count as journey-based adventures. In this section we share some of our best adventure journeys with you.